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The chutney soca sound is native to Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Guyana and Trinidad &Tobago. The musical style infuses elements of Soca music along with Hindi English lyrics and instruments from the Indian culture such as the dhantai and the dholak. Chutney music completes the sound of Chutney Soca. It was Drupatee Ramgoonai who first called the style of music Chutney Soca in an album entitled chutney Soca. Two versions of the song were published in two versions Hindi and soca. The word was spelt Chatnee Soca before the new spelling of Chutney was established. The historical origins of Chutney soca are the perfect example of how indo-Trinidadians have created a syncretic original art form that has incorporated indo-Trinidadians into the world that is soca music. Additionally it also shows just how much indo-Trinidadians have influenced the culture and politics of the country. Chutney soca first started to show up in calypso during the 1990s when calypso and soca musicians would incorporate Indian themes within their lyrics. Chutney soca started to experience mainstream popularity during the 1990s when carnival season started to incorporate chutney soca monarch competitions. Since then the Chutney soca competition has grown exponentially to the point where it is considered the most important and largest indo-Caribbean concert worldwide. The cost of production exceeds over one million USD.

This sub genre has produced many notable artists the founding mother of course is Drupatee Ramgoonai it was her 1987 album entitled Chutney Soca that named the musical art form. Since then many artists have followed in her foot steps producing many hit songs these include DJ Kamau - Peppa, Hitman - Gyuh Leave Dat Man, Nisha B (Karma) - Lying Man, Rikki Jai, Ravi B, D Hitman & Hunter - Caura River, S.W Storm ft Ravi B - By D' Bar, Anil Bheem - Desi Girl, Dimensionz Band ft Nalini B Sankar & Ravi B - Dil Main Sanam Ki Surat, Fullmoon feat TracyD, Krunchee, CJ - Aati Kya Khandala (Hold Yuh Riddim Remix), Hipnotic ft Daddy Chinee, Melanie & Hitman - Honey Bee (Remix), General Imran ft Renuka and the Showstoppa & Dil E Nadan - Jo Wada, Hitman, Alison Hinds & Kees - Spanner (Remix), Kenneth Salick & Raywtee Ramroop - Every Move I Make, KI (JMC 3Veni) - Catch Meh Lover (Sunita) (Music Video) and Alisha Chinai vs. Under Pressure ft. Filip G - Dil Ko Hazar (Bombay Beatclub Bollyton Remix).

Chutney soca incorporates many of the same instruments that is used in soca music these include Drums, bass, guitars and vocals all of which come together to create the wonderful sound that is Chutney soca. This subgenre of soca music has brought to the world a cultural expression that under normal circumstances would be isolated to a select group of people namely the indo-Trinidadians, as expressed through there music. The wonderful sounds of chutney celebrate life and love and it even delves into matters such as food and drink. Chutney soca is a must experience this carnival season.